Not known Factual Statements About PDH Courses for Engineers
is the fastest and easiest way for PE Engineers, Land surveyors, Contractors
and Architects to meet their PDH or CE continuing education requirements. You
can full fill your PDH requirements for Licence Renewal only at $6 per PDH. We
provide professional PDH courses at very affordable rates.

was created by Franco F. Davati, P.E., the President of, the
most trusted and popular 
continuing education
 website. As a leader in the industry we have often been
asked by our customers for a fast, quick and easy way to obtain their
certificate before the deadline, using a simple website to follow. No confusing
flowcharts and no emailing of the course material or sections of a book.

is simply the fastest way that a technical professional can obtain his/her
certificate to renew their license.

We have added
new courses periodically and cover over 3000 hours of online engineering
continuing education pdhcourses. Our pdh courses full fill the requirements of
pe engineers
contractors, architects, land
Landscape Architects, Land Surveyors, Geologists, Home &
Building Inspectors, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical
Engineers, Environment Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Oil&
GAS Engineers, Petroleum Engineers and
other professions. Our PDH courses for engineers are best
in the industry.
is simply the Best of the Best under one umbrella.We cover the most practical
and useful courses in the industry. As a matter of fact, our courses are so
popular many of even our competitors have copied us. If you see any of our
courses in other websites, you know where it has come from!

Our pdh courses have been selected carefully to maintain, improve
or expand the technical knowledge of the licensee's in his/her field of
practice. All Subject matters are technical in nature and addresses business
management practices, professional ethics, quality assurance, codes or other
similar topics which facilitate the licensee's professional development as a professional
structural engineer and serves to safeguard (HSW) Health, safety and welfare of
the citizens

All of
our PDH or CE courses are in compliance with the National Council of Examiners
for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) Guidelines and all State Boards of
Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. If your state board does not accept
any one of our courses then we will guaranty that you will gey back your 100%

All of
PDH Courses have
been accepted by Engineering Boards Nationwide. Every State that requires
Pre-approval for PDH courses has Pre-approved us as a PDH course provider. We
are registered under our main company, Failure & Damage Analysis Inc. and
we are a State Board of Engineers approved PDH course provider.

all of our pdh
 and pdh
 are available instantly at your fingertips. All of
our quizzes are available INSTANTLY for your ease and convenience. Your PDH
quizzes are graded before you even pay! You can take your PDH quiz and print
your PDH certificate instantly. This will help those engineers who need to buy
their online PDH courses at the last minute for their PE license renewal.

Once you
have simply signed up and taken read more our courses, you may never try another website.

PDH certificate..!!... at your finger tips!

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